"AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER! I have had the pleasure of working with Amy on 2 different occasions. Each time upon reviewing my photographs I was rendered speechless and my heart was full. She was able to capture my twins bond and individual personalities with the camera. She truly has a gift to capture that perfect moment. Amy is always smiling and full of energy at every shoot. I am excited to refer her to friends, and family that are looking for a photographer for any occasion/event. AMY YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thank you!!!" - Heather E.


"Amy has an eye like no one else. Her photographs are only second best to her wonderful personality, which shines through in her work! She can photograph anything and her work is the best. Just an amazing person who captures moments of beauty in her work!"​ - Debbie C.


"You couldn't ask for a more skilled and hardworking photographer than Amy. Plus, she's one of the nicest people on Earth, which is good because she could probably get away with being a jerk, considering how talented she is. Amy goes out of her way to capture not just every person at the events she shoots, but also the amazing quiet moments that a lesser photographer wouldn't even notice. If you see a picture of me online and it looks any good, it's because Amy took it.​" - David K.


"Anyone who knows Amy knows she puts her whole heart into everything she does and her photography is no exception. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and bringing out your good side. Friends and family were gushing over how great our pictures are! The best part is how much fun we had. My son, who complained the whole way there, didn't want the session to end! With Amy you get more than great photos; you get an experience worth remembering."​ - Dawn C.


"We love working with Amy! Extremely personable and professional. She keeps the shoot fun and relaxed. She's a total rock star working with our young kids who don't always want to cooperate for the camera. Amy just keeps clickin' and ends up getting some beautiful photos from very candid moments! Thank you Amy!!" - Eileen P.


"Amy is so wonderful and is very 'go with the flow'. She understands children and is so adapting to every child's needs. We have always enjoyed our photo sessions with her." - Bridget C.



"I can't even express my gratitude. Amy came through for us at the last minute and saved the day. Her work was amazing, but most importantly... She's a beautiful person. She treated us like old friends. She was amazing capturing my three children. I feel blessed to have found her." - Teresa F.


"After being with Amy, I could never go anywhere else to get pictures done. She was amazing while shooting my daughter. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not trust anyone with my baby girl, with Amy I have full trust. She puts her heart into this and does an amazing job. I can't even begin to thank her enough for the beautiful pictures. Just simply amazing." - Antoinette L.


"Amy has taken photos of our family for years and in doing so has captured some of my most treasured photos. Not only is she an amazing photographer but she's a joy to be around (which invariably rubs off on my children who respond to her infectious positivity and unending patience.) Highly recommend!!!" - Tracey W.


"Amy has this innate ability to capture every feeling through her lens. Her photos seriously speak volumes and I can never pick what I want to frame/use for my Christmas card because there is always a boatload to choose from! Sometimes I wish Amy wasn't as exceptional as she is, because her skill makes my life way harder!! She is the only person who can get my four kiddos on camera with a smile- even when they won't sit still! That alone is priceless!" - Joanne D.

"Amy is incredibly talented! She was wonderful to work with - very friendly and warm, and her photos are beautiful! She really captured a special day for my family and gave us life long memories. We were very lucky to find her! - Amy N.


​"I love Amy's use of light and color and how she sees everything! Great work!" - Sue T.


"A huge thank you to Amy for immortalizing an unforgettable experience with your pictures that words simply fail. It's impossible to accurately describe the epic, adrenaline fueled stories to friends while simultaneously attempting to explain how tranquil the weekend is. Seeing the ecstatic, content smiles on every camper is the best review anyone could ask for. You da real MVP." - Johnny Mc.

"Amy you truly captured the great times and emotions of hundreds of people. Keep doing everything you are! Hopefully I'll see you next year at camp Chi!" - Zac James 


"Love Amy, captures reality in a beautiful way with her photos!" - Caitlin E.


"Amy is a blast to shoot with and does amazing work! We've gotten so many compliments on her photos. Thanks so much, Amy!" - Heather B.


"​What is not to love about Amy and her photography skills?!" - Marge H.


"Holy cow, Amy, these are the most amazing pictures I have ever gotten!! I have been looking at them all day,and each time I find a new favorite!! My family is blown away by your pictures too. You are truly incredible. THANK YOU so much!!! I can't wait for our next shoot!" - Kim Cocuzza


"The absolute best!!! Thanks for the awesome camp pics!" - Phillip G.

"A photographer with a great eye & contagious smile -- no better combination." - Sonali H.