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Today is the birthday of our new podcast, Champagne Dreams!!

Kelly & I are working hard behind the scenes to have our future episodes available to you every Tuesday through iTunes. With the assistance of our friend Lina Lopez, we are able to bring to you this inaugural episode VIA the video link below.

Lina sat down with me a few weeks ago to let me know how she "just did it" when it came to starting her own podcast called The Holistic Living overthinking, no second guessing, just did it. And posted it. We wanted to follow her lead and set a start date, May she agreed to be our very 1st guest and we are thrilled.

Hope you enjoy!

The best place to keep up with Lina is through her Instagram account: @livehealthywithLina and here's the link to her podcast:

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Hi friends!

I'm SO happy you're here. I began taking pictures, lots of them, hundreds of them, which multiplied into tens of thousands, and while each is new and different, you start to catch yourself loving trends you see. Capturing people in their most authentic expressions of who they are. This doesn't just happen overnight because you don't automatically know how to be invited into this sacred space of someone's true self. I allowed my openness and genuine curiosity to spill over into my online community and eventually people were willing to have me document them and special moments in their lives. After a few years later, with many varied experiences under my belt, here I am with my official website! It's a road that doesn't have any instructions, but I confidently move forward. I hope this site provides a home base and visual journey for you to experience. I always wanted to blog and here we are, in the official site! Stick with me because I am thrilled you are here! I hope we're able to become friends (or better friends if we already have that covered!) and co-create some awesome stuff. We only have one life, let's get to celebrating!

The documentation of your memories is, in my opinion, a really important thing to happen to string together your life story, but who has time for it? I have you covered. Whether it's a holiday shoot, a birthday celebration, or a large corporate convention, it all should be documented. I look forward to connecting with you on this journey! I'm always available through my social media channels or send an email over to:

Much love! (that's how my Grandma used to sign her all her cards)


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